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This blog was created in order to report on a streak of conservatism currently taking hold in California. Recent events, and voting records show much of the same here in California, but the trend is one that is certainly in our favor.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Gaining Ground

Time for some facts, or as the liberals might say; spin.

  • California democrats gained 237,809 votes in 2004. This number represents a realized increase from 2000.
  • California republicans gained 452,190 votes in 2004. This number represents a realized increase from 2000.
  • In 2000, Gore received 53.5% of the California vote.
  • In 2004, Kerry received 54.4% of the California vote.
    • Democrats increased their popular vote by 0.9%.
  • In 2000, Bush received 41.7% of the California vote.
  • In 2004, Bush received 44.5% of the California vote.
    • Republicans increased their popular vote by 2.8 %.
  • In 2000, Ralph Nader received 3.9% of the California Vote.
    • This year, he was not on the ballot which explains the extra 3.7%

It is somewhat surprising to see that the majority of the old "Nader" vote went to Bush. This was not expected at all. Congratulations must go out to both candidates for winning and losing respectfully, but what did Kerry do to isolate almost two-thirds of the "Nader" vote?

Kerry obviously won handily in California, and even I will admit that they will probably continue to win for a long time. However; with our newly elected Governor doing a tremendous job in Sacramento, one might make the following assumption: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken the highly persuadable "Nader" vote, and turned it overwhelmingly into a republican vote. Before the election, I would have made the argument that this newly tapped resource would have never voted for Bush and was simply "accepting" a liberal republican Governor since Davis drove our great state into the ground. I would have been wrong. This forced voted Bush on a factor of 2 to 1.


This is great news.

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