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This blog was created in order to report on a streak of conservatism currently taking hold in California. Recent events, and voting records show much of the same here in California, but the trend is one that is certainly in our favor.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Here We Go Again; It Is Getting Hot

Despite multi-billion dollar damage totals accrued by California in recent years due to wild fires, the environmentalists and California Attorney General Bill Lockyer are prepared to sue the Federal Government if they take over approx. 11.5 million acres of land in the Sierra Nevadas.

I, like most conservatives, truly believe in state's rights, but the State of California is failing its citizenry horribly. You will be hard pressed to find anyone who believes that clearing dead or diseased vegetation hurts the forests. The left in California calls it logging of course since it is a hot-button issue in this town.

I am truly amazed that the left in California is completely willing to "let it burn" in stead of allowing man to try and save it and billions of dollars.

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