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This blog was created in order to report on a streak of conservatism currently taking hold in California. Recent events, and voting records show much of the same here in California, but the trend is one that is certainly in our favor.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Please support our troops.

My buddy over in the North East Pete, "The NYC Republican", brought a couple of great programs to my attention, and it would do those who are making real sacrifices a world of good to see that we support them here at home. Without those guys and gals over there we would not be able to post to blogs, or read blogs, such as these. They deserve our utmost respect, and as a veteran myself, I can attest to the meaning of a care package or donation. It really does their hearts good. Please follow one of the below links to support our troops. - Here; you can write to solders from a specific unit. They will distribute letters and care packages to other soldiers in their unit. - Here; you can buy standard care packages that are distributed to the troops in Iraq by the USO. Your message is enclosed with the care package.

Please everyone, buy an extra gift this season.