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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Remodeling The White House Cabinet

So far, six members of President Bush's Cabinet have offered their resignations. Most of these positions are not a huge surprise, and in two cases in particular; will help the republican party and the country overall. The major resignations have been from Secretary of State Colin Powell, and Attorney General John Ashcroft. Other resignations include; Education Secretary Rod Paige, Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman, Commerce Secretary Don Evans and Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham. That means six out of 15 Cabinet members will not serve under President Bush this term.

In at least one case, Bush has asked for a speedy departure from office in order to give the new Cabinet member a full term, and a fighting chance. This was the case with the Secretary of State position. Powell will be out shortly, and National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice will be in. This is a fairly obvious transition, and probably one of the biggest. Excuses can be made for Powell, and achievements can be noted. He did a great job with India and Pakistan, and he also pioneered Resolution 1441 with unanimous support. However; when it really counted, he dropped the ball big time. Winning the peace, that is to say "rebuilding Iraq, should have been his job. He should have fought for it, and went to the American people with the issue in order to ensure his role. I am of the opinion that he let us down on this. Unfortunately for him, it will probably be his defining moment. This is one change that will help the party and the country.

Another positive change will be with the resignation of Attorney General John Ashcroft. He was a good ally in the War on Terror, and a friend of conservatives. He did some very good things but he cast a shadow of distrust over the entire administration. He personally is accused of sending people to Git'Mo for torture just for being brown-skinned. A crazy accusation, but one that has been flung around by the left since Git'Mo was used as a prison system for terrorists and enemy combatants. He has been accused of destroying civil liberties, and has been charged with spying and illegaly detaining Americans as well. All of this is conspiratorial at best, and never amounted to anything yet; it has had a tremendous impact on the trust and honesty outlook of the Bush administration. Like the man or not, his departure will help the party, and help unite the country.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Czar, Tom Ridge, will most likely be leaving as well. This is one of the few resignations that will be a blow to us all. He did an excellent job defending America against terrorism on our soil. He will be missed, and I hope to see someone equally as competent fill his shoes if he leaves.

This leads us to one prospect for several positions; General Tommy Franks. He could easily fill the shoes of Dr. Rice as National Security Adviser, he could probably do a good job at the DHS as well. Another theory being floated is that he could replace Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld at the Pentagon.

All of this speculation leads to an interesting news week, and with the exception of Tom Ridge, our country will probably be better off with the changes being implemented.