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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Bush Sends Delegation to South Asia

Bush is sending Colin Powell and Jeb Bush, along with a full delegation, to South Asia in order to set-up and coordinate relief efforts from the Indian Ocean Quake & Tsunamis.

Powell and Bush will be expected to combine their expertise in gathering as much information as possible. Bush is well-known for his skilled management of natural disasters in hurricane-prone Florida. To me, this is a step in the right direction.

A few points worth noting, or at least worthy of consideration:

  • Florida receive over 13 billion in aid this past hurricane season.
  • Bush has an MBA and is well-known for his planning abilities; therefore, it is premature to criticize relief efforts.
  • The U.S., Australia, India, and Japan have set up an aid coalition separate from the UN.
  • Some on the left are claiming that Bush is being stingy and insensitive for only allowing $35 million in aid, and waiting a few days before speaking.
  • UN International Development Secretary Clare Short says that "Bush is undermining the UN with aid coalition." However, the UN just created and fostered the largest fiscal scandal in world history.
  • Democratic strategists are already hitting the talk shows criticizing Bush and his reactions.
  • This is nowhere near the first catastrophe that has occurred recently. History shows that these events dot our history on this earth quite regularly.
I encourage independent thought on all of the above before I address each one individually.

Time for my take:
  • Florida obviously got so much, so fast because it was a critical political moment. I firmly believe Bush would have been as generous no matter what (Kerry, Clinton, anyone else too); however, the haste in government pledges were supplemented by the political atmosphere. What does this mean? Nothing. What it really speaks toward is the American way of life. This is not to say anything good or bad, just a matter of fact. Now, personally, I believe all human life is worth the same. I am one of those who believes that moral issues apply equally to all no matter whom the recipient may be.
  • Bush is a brilliant man, read again: brilliant. If he doesn't awe you with his political abilities, then look at his cabinet. Consider that he is the first American President with an MBA and consider how that might affect his decision making. To me, that shows that he is a planner, and assessor, and an efficiency-orientated individual.
  • The aid coalition Bush has instituted is simply common-sensical. These countries all have vibrant economies, have capable naval capabilities, and all have personnel and money ready to go. They are all coastal countries quite familiar with disaster. I firmly support this, and any other action which distances us from the UN.
  • Some leftists and some journalists are claiming that Bush is insensitive for being on vacation (so was Koffi Annan). They also blast him for spending $40 million on his 2nd inauguration. Well, this is a free country, and those monies come from private donations. He is entitled to spend that money how he likes (I wonder how much Michael Moore and George Soros contributed). Ok I apologize, I don't want to know; however, I do want this baseless criticism to go away.
  • Mrs. Short claims we are subverting the UN? So what. To put it bluntly, who cares. First of all, the UN is not the most capable organization to handle relief and aid. Iraq proves that beyond a reasonable doubt. Secondly, the UN has lost a lot of moral authority even though she claims that the UN is the only body with moral authority. I would really like to know how many (if there were any and I suspect there were) people died due to their administration of the Oil for Food project.
  • Pathetic, politicizing one of the world's worst disasters ever is disgusting and tantamount to evil. I say evil because this puts a select few out in a field all by themselves. This is called hedonistic egoism pure and simple. These guys are saying anything to gain power, the ends justify the means and they pleasure themselves by finding sticks to poke in Bush and America's eye.
  • Bam, Iran, Rwanda, Bangladesh, Iraq, Ethiopia, North Korea... Whether natural disaster or man-made, the world sees suffering on gigantic scales almost constantly. What I see is a good vision: helping everyone who needs help without bias, from the UN; yet, the selective help being given is horrible. The same can be said about almost any country independently as well. We need a new coalition, and I hope this one is permanent. I also hope it is unbiased.