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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Can Truth be Treason?

Treason, in America, has long-been one of the least prosecuted and toughest-to-convict crimes. It is usually only applied to those who not only commit blatant treason, but the government usually needs backing from both parties to convict. What does America, in general, think of treason though?

  • Are leaked documents which end up in enemy hands treason?
  • When classified plans or orders are published for the enemy to see, is that treason?
  • When someone sells or gives information to the enemy to strengthen the enemy, is that treason?
  • If someone actively fights for the enemy or against America, is that treason?
  • Is directly aiding or abetting the enemy treason?
  • How about indirectly yet knowingly?

I believe that most of the above constitute treason.

In the last four years, liberal democrats have come awfully close to what I consider to be treason. We have seen Kennedy, Kucinich, Kerry, and Baghdad Pete all do or say things which indirectly strengthen the enemy. When our politicians claim that this war was for oil, or that we intentionally target civilians for assassination, what do you think that does for the enemy? It gives them something more important than ammunition, it gives them influence and moral authority amongst the citizenry.

What about journalists? Media stationed in Iraq once received a tip to be at a certain place and at a certain time to see something "big" happen. They did not report it to anyone, and an explosive maimed and almost killed Americans. Was this treason?

How about when a partisan CIA agent leaks classified information in order to sway current events? Is this treason?

What about when journalists post non-contextual photographs which seemingly depict American brutality? Later this picture reveals something quite different. Isn't the damage already done?

I think that we as Americans are long-past-due to start demanding that our leaders and our sources of information start taking responsibility for the repercussions of what they say and do. We are at war, and "loose lips sink ships." I am disgusted at what I see day after day.

One example would be Abu Ghraib. No one gives a rat's you know what about Abu Ghraib. One excursion into any one of America's high-security prisones will reveal corruption and horrors far beyond Abu Ghraib. Yet, Abu Ghraib made the NYT front page many dozens of times. When is the last time Nick Berg was on the front page? Twice maybe?

Where does American media cross the line? Why is it that story after story demonizes America and Americans? Why is it that the media and politicians feel no need to self-censor in order to save troops?

Basically, is it treason when someone knowingly does something which will have a negative affect on America's safety and the safety of our troops?

I, as a citizen who loves my troops. As a citizen who was a troop. As a citizen who respects our traditions, begs the media and our politicians to quit endangering and harming our troops through reckless "win-at-all-cost" political moves. Power is more important to these people than morality or tradition, and that borders treason.