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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Death Toll Soars Past 100,000 As Predicted. *Hits 120,000

Perhaps predicted is not the right word. What I have been doing is compiling official statements based on two things.

  1. Confirmed deaths per country.
  2. Estimated deaths per country.

Currently, the death toll stands at approx. 100,000 confirmed dead.

Estimates based on official statements approximate that there may be an additional 40,000 dead in Ache alone. Combined estimates push the death toll to well over 150,000 dead. I would say that based on what we have seen, the death toll will be between 130,000 and *170,000 dead from the quake/tsunami and direct injuries. If that is not scary enough, the UN, the WHO, and other experts are painting a bleak worst case scenario; they suggest that disease may double the death toll.

Interestingly enough, and my friend at alerted me to this story; animals seems to have survived unscathed. Story 1, Story 2.

This should be of no surprise really. Animals rely on instinct to survive. I can tell you with great certainty that even a good number of humans "knew" something was going on, even before the shoreline receded 1,000 feet by some estimates. The difference is, acting upon instinct. The fatal blow to humans is their reliance on government and technology. Upon seeing some of the footage being released, it is clear that even those taking video were simply frozen by fear and not knowing how to act in such a situation. I must say, I cannot blame them. No one reacted improperly really, some jus got more lucky than others. I do suspect we will learn of subtle indicators as stories are told.

This is not to say humans are weak because of their dispositions, but most certainly weak(er) in situations like these. Reports of "odd animal behavior" preceding a disaster are a dime a dozen, and it should surprise no one to learn about this. What is surprising however, is the scope of the animal kingdom which headed to high ground. It is as if Mother Nature herself put out a distress signal to beacon the animals to safety.

The worst story of this event is the fact that humans received a beacon as well. Within twenty minutes, the USGS had alerted many nations and organizations to the tsunami threat. We do not know enough to state anything further than that, but it does paint a sad picture.

In other events, Bush has moved toward forming a disaster recovery alliance with Australia, Japan, and India. Some of our closest allies in the world; these nations will lead an effort to help the entire area. This is a very smart move, further distancing the U.S. from the U.N. I support this endeavour 100% and vow to do what I can to support it and inform anyone interested.

Living in a coastal town right on a major fault line and coupled with the fact that I am a natural disaster freak, I have always been quite aware of "remote possibilities." It all started as a child learning and/or watching about Mt. St. Helens, then Pompeii, then Krakatoa etc... I could never turn my head, I just wanted to see more and learn more. This, to my dismay, has caused me to look pretty silly in front of friends at times. Most recently, I took a buddy fishing on the beach for surf perch. It is within walking distance, but I insisted on driving. I told him, "Rich, stay aware of the ground while we fish, the slightest earthquake could bring in enormous tsunamis." I explained that what feels like a 2.0 here, may be an 8.0 somewhere else. I further told him about tsunamis which have hit our specific beaches in the past. Needless to say, I am coined a worry wart, or paranoid. I just call it interested. The reason I write this is to further justify my curiosity and interest in the unfolding events.