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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Media to America; "You will hear what we want you to hear!"

By now, it is of no surprise that most of American print and broadcast media is extremely biased toward the left. The NYT has had to fire individual after individual for lying or creating scandals. Rather was forced to retire because of the letter-writing campaign by millions of Americans who told CBS that they "no longer trusted" Rather. The list of examples is a long one.

Luckily, conservatives have talk radio, and a right-leaning Fox News Channel but why can't we just have a media outlet which states news? I, like most Americans, want to decide issues for myself, not be influenced by subtle words and tones used by Jennings when he explains why 5.5% unemployment was great in 1998, but bad and disappointing in 2004.

Proof of this can be proved by two simple questions I pose to each of you.

How many of you can name two War on Terror villains from the U.S. Military?

Most of us immediately think of Hasan Akbar or Lindy England right?

Now, how many of you can name two War on Terror heroes?

Most of us cannot name one.


Please, take the time to read up on just a few of our true heroes which the leftist media will not allow reporting on.

Jason Dean Cunningham

Brian R. Chontosh

Joseph B. Perez

References: Home of Heroes