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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Mercy Corps - Earthquake/Tidal Wave Relief

I, like most of you, have been looking for ways to help the victims of the Southeast Asian Quake and subsequent tsunamis. I looked quite hard for a place that would get the most "bang for my buck." This search lead me to Mercy Corps.

With Mercy Corps, I have found an organization that is already on scene in the most hard-hit areas. Also, they have a history of handling hundreds of millions of dollars responsibly.

Therefore, I am recommending Mercy Corps as a possible outlet for your donations. There are three big reasons that made them stand out.

  1. They are already there. This means overhead is cut way down. Also, they have long standing relationships with rivaling armies conducting an ongoing civil war and have full access.
  2. They operate efficiently. Currently they show 91% of all funds going toward aid and only 9% overhead.
  3. They were first on scene at the Aceh area, and are reporting comparable figures to that of Yusuf Kalla, Indonesian Vice President. Mercy Corps estimates a possible 70,000 dead in Ache alone while Mr. Kalla predicts a possible 80,000 dead in Aceh alone.
Any aid giving will help, I just thought that this may help some of those on the fence in finding a responsible place to donate.