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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Once Again: Unions Destroying Business

Over the holidays, something major happened. In light of the recent world events, it has not been covered *too much,* but chances are you have heard. US Airline employees conducted an illegal strike which all but crippled their operations. Over 40 destinations were cacelled, thousands were stranded and plans ruined, and countless baggage was lost and/or delayed.

It turns out, employees in a chat-room/message board decided to hurt their company by conducting this illegal strike. They recently voted in a pay cut in order to save their business. I suppose they were angry over that.

Before we get too far, I would remind you of an event that took place in Chicago. Teamsters who belonged to a fairly healthy company "no-showed" in order to support their brethren striking at a competing packing/shipping plant. The resulting strike meant that the company closed and shut down. Sure, poor management resulted in disaster due to one day's strike, but the employees are ultimately responsible for an unannounced strike.

Every single employee without a doctor's note should be fired from US Airlines. Speaking of course of those who called in sick. These people do not deserve jobs, nor are they worth a dime to any employer as far as I am concerned.

In the age of NAFTA, Global Economics, Outsourcing, and Cut-backs, American businesses can not afford to be bullied by union thuggery. What good does it do to strike when it results in you being unemployed?

A big thumbs-down to the unions and employees who decided to call in sick over the holidays.

Now, on top of their devastating illegal strike, the unions are blaming the Airline for not having risk management insurance, and for not being prepared for this strike. Pathetic!

Update #1 US Airways asks employees to work for free.