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Friday, December 31, 2004

Role Models, School Obesity, & Why the Left is Wrong

Ok, since I am in such a facetious mood, and I just finished wiping the tears from my eye after reading a blurb from Michelle Malkin's blog titled: "HEALTH CRISIS ALERT: CALL MICHAEL MOORE," I must admit, there is an obesity gap going on.

First let me bring up the stick which stirred the proverbial soup, (is it soup?, no pudding ya pudding). Preschool Obesity Rises

I submit to you that the left is being anti-humanitarian for propping up overweight people in their party, while at the same time attacking the flaws of others.

  • Michael Moore vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger: Need I say any more?
  • George Bush vs. Bill Clinton: A pro-military ex-rugby player who falls off equipment while outdoors and chokes on the occasional pretzel OR a military-loathing philanderer who only runs when we finds out McDonald's is serving lunch.
  • Rudy Guiliani vs. Teddy Kennedy: Ok, we have dirt on Rudy, but what a guy, he's America's Mayor. Teddy, well, he is "the conservative senator from Mass."
  • Condoleeza Rice vs. Madeline Albright: Man, I don't know where to start here, I already feel bad for making this list.
  • John Ascroft vs. Janet Reno: While true that Janet is more of a man than John will ever be, I'd put my money on John in a marathon.
  • Dick Cheney vs. John Edwards: Ok, here is one for the leftists; however, what 18 year old cannot beat up an almost-64-year-old.
  • Strom Thurmond vs. Robert Byrd: Tough one, while one man's body has passed, the other man's mind has. Coin toss?
  • John Kerry vs. Dennis Hastert: Ok, another one for the leftists; however I would add that windsailing is about as"My name is Biff and my girlfriend is Buffy" as one can get.
  • Chris Dodd vs. Trent Lott: hmm, I only pick on Mr. Dodd since the hypocrisy of the media is as unfair as this list it. Remember, one man propped up Byrd, one Thurmond. One was chastized, the other defended. Dodd is a bit more robust than Mr. Trent Lott (You might have seen him on BET).
Well guys, I apologize in advance for this juvinile display but, well, I was inspired by Michelle Malkin, like any true leftist would do, I blame her.