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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Thousands Dead - *9.0 Earthquake - Deadly Tsunamis

I live in an area with a 20% chance of having an 8.0 or greater earthquake in the next 30 years. The fear of this happening is very real for many seaboard residents. The worlds fifth largest ever recorded earthquake struck this morning off the coast of Sumatra. The *9.0 quake caused moderate to large tidal waves, or tsunamis, which caught the entire coastline by suprise. The current death-toll estimates exceed 10,000 people. Chile still has the honors of the world's largest recorded quake with a 9.5, and Alaska had a 9.2, but this is by far more deadly.

This quake comes just three days after an 8.1 struck off Antarctica.

Perhaps we can all pray for these people and their families, and maybe even find some way to send help.

Clink for Earthquake Details

Update #1 White House to Offer Aid
Update #2 Death Tolls Nears 12,000
Update #3 Many Deaths Were Avoidable
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Update #7 Bodies Line India's Beaches
Update #8 Quake Upgraded: 9.0
Update #9 Tsunami Warning Center
Update #10 Death Toll Nears 13,000
Update #11 Deadly Tsunamis
Update #13 Death Toll Nears 14,000
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Update #16 Eyewitness - Oprah Regular
Update #17UN Issues Epidemic Warning
Update #18Death Toll Nears 15,000
Update #19 Death Toll Nears 24,000
Update #20 U.S. fills 60% of Red Cross request.