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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

A Culture in Shambles & Millions of Degenerates Later... Do Blacks Finally Get It?

When a white person slams rap music for moral reasons they are labeled racist in America. I never knew that descriminating agains music is racism. I guess I hate white people too since I am not a fan of Classical music.

That said, here is an article by blacks...
Sexism in rap sparks black magazine to say, 'Enough!'

Essence, the black women's magazine, has a daring New Year's resolution: It's embarking on a 12-month campaign to challenge the prevalence of misogyny and sexism in hip-hop lyrics and videos.

Thank God. Maybe the words by Bill Cosby helped.

Rap music is not the major problem, but it is very destructive to young impressionable minds who have no decent parents and are unlucky enough to be born into a household void of ambition. This circumstance applies to many more people than blacks I might add.

Rap music should be allowed, for sure. However, vote with your dollar folks, don't support these thugs by buying their music.