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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Left Wing Humanitarian? You Tell Me...

When America pledged an initial $15 million followed by $20 million more, the leftist bomb-throwers were out in force. They did not even break stride, no remorse for the dead. Every sentence of sorrow was annotated by a political comment blasting Bush.

In one of the most blaring examples to date, I found this on the Daily Kos:

America Is Stingy: "I'm very sorry to be so "insensitive"... but I've got a bone to pick with my government tonight. 100,000 dead bodies are in Southeast Asia. More will be found. And Americans, in their infinate kindness, are giving 35 million dollars in aid to the countries affected. How kind. Oh wait, no. If I were those countries, I'd tell America to go shove it up their ass."

At first, it sounded like these people cared so much about the dead that they wanted to throw money at them to make the problem go away. Typical leftist response; however, the true intent was revealed on a later post and my jaw just dropped.

$350 million and a PR goldmine lost: "While better late than never, we lost a golden opportunity to score a huge PR victory in the world stage, and, with the largest muslim nation in the world (Indonesia)... ...Had we announced $350 million from day one, it would've scored a direct hit -- backing up rhetoric about American generosity. Instead, it looks like we're responding to criticism about American stinginess, rather than acting out of the goodness of our hearts."

It turns out that these people do not care about how best to help the victims of the disaster. Not at all, in fact they see a "golden opportunity" to manipulate the circumstance in order for America to look good. After all, this is not about helping the victims; it is about looking good in front of all the non-victims. (To them...)

Perhaps the best, no funniest I should say, thing about these posts are their responses. Here are a few...

"And why is Bush sending brother Jeb? Why not Neil? He is, you'll recall, familiar with Thailand."

Nevermind the fact that Jeb Bush has many years of experience with natural disasters and the relief of.


A true sophisticant.

"Bush constantly makes me ashamed of our country and its leader."

A true patriot.

"that the number of Americans missing and feared dead is approaching the death total from the WTC...connect that to Bush's slow response...connect that to weak leader. Americans are cynical. You've got to show them; not tell them. This is an opportunity to SHOW them that Bush is a weaker leader than they think."

Let us not help the dead, lets earn political points...

"US$ 350 million is good, and it puts the US in the middle of the pack of decent donor nations. Still behind Spain, the UK, and those incredibly generous Danes, but its at" least credible."

What is this guys smoking?

"when you have a core set of prinicples that allow you to format a response without calling 2 dozen meetings and getting a consensus before you say anything. And when you're not worried about how it will affect the next election, but doing the right thing.

Is he talking about John Kerry?

There is good news though... It took them FIVE days to come up with a good conspiracy... This means us on the right are still at an advantage. Our heads are neither in the sky or the sand...

Big-Bad-Scary Conspiracy