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Friday, January 14, 2005

Leftists Still Using Junk Science

Annan calls for 'decisive measures' on climate change

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan called Thursday for "decisive measures" to address climate change and said a global early warning system must be set up in the wake of last month's Asian tsunami disaster.

"It is no longer so hard to imagine what might happen from the rising sea levels that the world's top scientists are telling us will accompany global warming," Annan told leaders at a UN conference on small islands here.

"Who can claim that we are doing enough?" he asked.

Does Annan really believe that global warming can cause a world-wide tsunami? Does he still believe that man is responsible for global warming?

I am all for conservation and the reduction of pollution; however, what is global warming?

Earth has been through more than one ice age. Man did not cause them.

An environmentalist, while speaking of the Ice Berg which broke off the Ross Ice Shelf claimed recently, "global warming is a serious threat, this is the first time since 1948 that we've seen icebergs in New Zealand." Ok, what the heck happened in 1948? Man-made global warming?

Another recent quote I heard is, "this is the warmest we have been in 100 years." Ok, what happened 100 years ago? Man made global warming?

We have been recording temperatures for only a couple of centuries. Our first thermometers were wildly inaccurate. The earth's age is in the billions of years.

I have got to side with Dennis Miller on this one... (paraphrased) when I see people running down the street on fire, I'll worry.