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Friday, January 14, 2005

Only in California

Eighth-Graders Told Stripping Can Be Rewarding

SAN FRANCISCO — School officials in Palo Alto are reconsidering their use of a popular speaker for an annual career day after he advised middle school students that they could earn a good living as strip dancers.

William Fried (search) told eighth-graders at Jane Lathrop Stanford Middle School (search) that stripping and exotic dancing could be lucrative career moves for girls, offering as much as $250,000 or more per year, depending on their bust size.

Why not explain how one can be a multi-millionaire through dedicated and hard work... in the field of selling illegal drugs. Sure, why not? If one puts their mind to it, after 3 months he could be off a street corner and start moving packages. After a year or so, if a success, he could be a mid-level manager in the drug industry. Going on meets and finally getting off the street. Through preserverence, one could be a cartel ring leader by the age of 37, a hundred million dollar a year job.

Sounds good to me.

Personally, however, I am going to bring my children up to be hitmen.