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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Recent "Donations" News Story... A Motive?

$1B Given to Faith-Based Groups in 2003

I wonder if this story would even be covered if not for all the partisan hacking going on regarding our American donations.

I say there is another issue here for the democrats to wage another political battle. These leftists cannot figure it out. The democrats are losing power because they have no issues. Their day-to-day talking points are a litany of complaints without one single democratic issue.

  1. He lied about WMD.
  2. He lied about Social Security.
  3. He did not want a DHS.
  4. He did not want a 9/11 commission.
  5. He did not give enough.
  6. He went to war for oil.
  7. He is only donating so-and-so.
Hey democrats, I love the help you are giving us, but seriously... What would YOU do?

The first proof that this is another political battle is the fact that every pundit issuing statements on this issue offers the following as a preface: (verbatim I might add) "The American people are the most generous in the world..."

Here is a rule of thumb. If anyone starts a sentence off by claiming that "you (meaning the audience) are the best (fill-in-the-blank-demographic) in the world" followed by one of the following things: but, yet, so then why, however, therefore, etc..., then you know the speaker is full of crap, and is trying to score an argumentative point.

With the above in mind, I turned on the news channels this morning to get my dose of spin and sensationalism. Every channel I turned to had the same argument in the same order as follows:

  • Republican: I am proud of what I am seeing...
  • Democrat: I disagree. America's people are the most generous in the world; however, we have a president who will not even issue a statement until three days after the event. Donating a measly $15 million, then $35 million. He only went to $350 million because the entire world realized how stingy we were. He is spending $40 million on the inauguration. Pathetic, we had a good opportunity to....
This is just another page in the new playbook. Another thing to complain about.

All of this leads me to one question that I would love to have a democrat answer honestly.

How high of a death toll does it take to have a united America?

3,000 did it for about 6 days a few years ago. Are we so divided that 150,000 cannot unite us for 6 minutes today? Even though we are clearly going above and beyond in the tsunami relief effert, they would rather Bush look bad, than do the right thing. When will they realize that this petty sniping plays into our enemies hands?

If you want to whine, whine about immigration or something that will actually help our country instead of hurt it.