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Thursday, January 06, 2005

To Interview or to Score Political Points?

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Today, Alberto Gonzales, President Bush's Nomination for U.S. Attorney General, faced a trial by fire before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

It was fairly obvious that he would get the nomination when Joe Biden said this, "I don't know anybody who's announced they're against your being the next attorney general. Even those who have doubts about you say you're going to be confirmed."

It was apparent though that the democrats wanted to score some points with their constituency. The main focus of the interrogation was clear right away. Torture.

They did not seek to rip this man apart, but they clearly wanted to use this forum to beat on President Bush.

Instead of truly interviewing him with the intent to determine the wide stances of our next Attorney General, they focused on the issue of torture.

I do not really believe that politicizing such events is in our nation's best interest.

That said, I fully admit that when given the chance, republicans act in the same manner. Let us do what is best for the country, stop trying to score cheap points guys.