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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Who Cares About These Stupid Caveats?!?

Retail Sales Rise More Than Expected

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. retail sales jumped a more-than-expected 1.2 percent in December, the government said on Thursday, as car dealers, furniture stores and on-line retailers reported strong sales.

Retail sales in all of 2004 jumped 8.0 percent, the biggest gain since 1999, the Commerce Department (news - web sites) said.

Excluding autos, which can swing sharply from month to month, retail sales rose a less-than-expected 0.3 percent. On a twelve-month basis, retail sales excluding autos grew 8.6 percent

Analysts were expecting a 1.0 percent rise in all sales and a 0.4 percent gain excluding autos.

November sales rose 0.1 percent, with sales excluding autos up a revised 0.4 percent, originally reported up 0.5 percent.

How the media reminds the viewers that there is still bad news in this good news.
Reinforcement of the bad news.

Has anyone else figured it out yet?

These "analysts" make their educated guesses as to what to expect, and the whole world waits in anticipation. It is as if the market itself performs based on the similarities between reality and "analyst" predictions.

If we experienced 19% GDP growth next quarter, and some whacko analyst predicted 20%, Dan Rather would be explaining how our economy is crap, and the stock market would probably fall a few points.

Guys, these analysts are nothing more than weathermen with no doppler radar. They are looking at which way the cattle are walking and predicting the storms. When a weatherman calls for rain, do schools close, and homes flood? No! Schools close and homes flood after the rain comes. Why can't we wait for data before we start hedging our bets?

Rant over...