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This blog was created in order to report on a streak of conservatism currently taking hold in California. Recent events, and voting records show much of the same here in California, but the trend is one that is certainly in our favor.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Why the World is Afraid of Bush

My new article at the Stumping Grounds.

Delivering freedom to places like these are nearly impossible. As we have learned with Iraq, knocking off the tyrannical government is simply not enough. The problem is not with the philosophy, it is with the implementation. A people that has been pounded into submission is often living in extreme security with a strict set of rules to live by; subsequently, they have little to no individual freedom. Living in such a manner becomes habit, and through indoctrination, actually becomes acceptable to them. This is the problem.

How do you teach a people who has been forced into expecting security and dominance to appreciate freedom?